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What Are Marketing Strategy Examples?

Marketing Strategy Examples are based on customer needs as the starting point, according to experience to obtain customer demand and purchasing power of information, the expectations of the business community in a planned way to organize various business activities,

Through coordinated product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, and Promotion strategy, to provide customers with the satisfaction of goods and services to achieve business goals in the process.

Marketing Strategy Examples

How We Consider Marketing Strategy Examples?

In the 21st century, human beings have crossed the 21st century, due to the rapid development of information science and technology, consumption patterns have changed dramatically, the modern market conditions become more complex, fierce market competition.

It is particularly important for any business to successfully enter, occupy, consolidate and expand the market, and to adopt the right marketing strategy.

How To Apply 4Ps On Marketing Strategy Examples?

For a long time, 4Ps theory, which is widely accepted by marketing theorists, is proposed by American scholar Jerome McCarthy. 4Ps marketing strategy can find the most important factors from sophisticated marketing variables, and from simple factors Rise to a group of strategies to adapt better to the increasingly complex marketing environment.

With the development of marketing theory, there are 6Ps, 10Ps, 11Ps strategies are 4Ps marketing strategy expansion, the core is still 4Ps. 40 years, each marketing manager in the planning of marketing activities, the first starting from the 4Ps theory to consider the problem.

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In 1990 American scholar Lauterborn first proposed to replace the traditional 4Ps with 4Cs for marketing strategy research A new idea, in contrast, 4Cs pay more attention to consumer demand-oriented, and market-oriented 4Ps compared to 4Cs in the concept has been great progress and development. However, from the enterprise and market trends, 4Cs inhibited the initiative and creativity of companies.

In the mid-1990s, American Scholar (Don E. Schultz) proposed 4Rs elaborated a new marketing strategy of the four new elements.4Rs to competition-oriented, in the new philosophical level, summarizes the new marketing framework.

It will corporate marketing activities to the macro view and social level to consider, enterprises and customers and other stakeholders should establish the cause and Destiny community, the establishment, consolidation, and development of long-term relations of cooperation, emphasizing the relationship management rather than market transactions.

The 4Vs marketing strategy put forward in the late 1990s is the new way to cultivate and construct the core competence of enterprises, which is the new focus of modern enterprise marketing. Four kinds of marketing strategies and their advantages and disadvantages.

Four types of marketing strategy content and the pros and cons comparison

Comparison of the merits of the primary content.

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Marketing Products Strategy Examples

Includes product mix, product life cycle, Product packaging, brand and so on

Price strategy:

Including the decision-making pricing, to adjust the price Lattice response, design price risk assessment

Distribution channel strategy

  • Including the channel model and the middle of the election
  • Select, improve the coordination of management, physical distribution.


Promotion strategy:

Including marketing, advertising, business promotion, etc. Excellent: 1) to make marketing theory with a sense of the system.

  • Simplify complex phenomena and theories
  • Provides an easy-to-operate framework for marketing
  • Theoretically general, practical operation.
  • It is not enough to cover all variables that can be controlled by the industry only for the manufacturing sector in consumer goods marketing activities and producer’s sovereign seller’s market.
4Cs Marketing Strategy Customer Strategy
  • Forget the product, remember the customer’s needs and period.
  • Look to the client as the center.

Cost strategy:

  • Forget the price, remember the cost and customer fees.
  • Use, so that the customers are relatively satisfied with the cost
  • Convenient approach: forget the location, do not forget to facilitate the client.
  • To provide a suitable consumer channel
  • Communication strategy: forget the promotion, remember to communicate with their customer’s training.

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Maintain their loyalty excellent:

  • Customer-centric one-on-one communication
  • Focus on resource integration, to pass corporate image
  • Based on communication and two-way communication


  • Contradiction with market-oriented competition
  • Can not form a marketing personality marketing advantage
  • Failure to follow the double-East business principles
  • The operational problem of satisfying the customer is not solved
  • Passive to adapt to the needs of clients color thicker
  • 4Rs marketing strategy associated strategy:
  • To establish links with their customers, improve their satisfaction
  • And loyalty, reduce customer churn.

Response strategy plan:

  • To improve the market reaction speed, listen and meet customer demand and desire.

Relationship strategy:

  • To maintain cooperation with their customers, the establishment of a long-term and stable relationship.

Return strategy:

  • Pay attention to the return on profits and value of performance excellent: 1) to competition-oriented, summed up the new framework.

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  • Reflect and implement the idea of relationship marketing, reaction mechanism for interaction and cooperation, the establishment of related to mention for the foundation. Return compatible with the cost and win-win content.

The implementation of 4Rs marketing strategy needs to be based on strength or some unique conditions.

4Vs Marketing Strategy Examples Differentiation

To different characteristics of products, attentive service. Services establish in a right image.

Functional strategy:

To provide different functional products to meet not With the customer’s spending habits.

Value Added Strategies:

Goods and services that add value to meet customer needs.

Resonance strategy:

So that the clients get the most degree of satisfaction, enterprises.

Industry benefits maximization:

  • To make up for the difference in the 4Cs strategy
  • Take into account the interests of society and consumers, business, and staff
  • The interests of workers
  • Can build the core competitiveness of enterprises
  • Is a specific way to achieve customer loyalty
  • Bad: 4Vs marketing strategy to be based on strength

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