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What Is The Basic Idea Of Digital Marketing Salary?

What should be the Digital Marketing Salary at the managerial position? To answer this question, first of all, it is necessary to analyze the function of digital marketing, Digital Marketing is the use of digital communication channels to promote the products and services in practice, so in a timely, relevant, customized and cost-effective way to communicate with consumers.

Digital marketing includes a lot of Internet marketing techniques, technology, and practice, but it has a much broader scope, also includes many other channels of communication other than the Internet.

Digital Marketing Salary

Wide Variation in Digital Marketing Salary

Digital marketing that includes a set of elements (a total host volume), for examples mobile phone, SMS / MMS, display/banner ads and digital outdoor advertising, etc.

Digital Marketing has been an independent form of marketing specific areas when viewed, but because it provides a way to communicate the same audience only in digital form, is now often seen as before to be able to relate to the vast majority of traditional marketing areas such as direct marketing.

Digital Marketing – “push” and “pull strategy.”

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There are two forms of digital marketing, which have their advantages and disadvantages.

“Pull” digital marketing

“Pull” digital marketing technology enables users to find and participate directly crawls  “pull” content of the activities. Web site/blog and streaming media (audio and video) are good examples. In these instances, the user will have a particular link (URL) to view the contents. Fast Food Near Me


There is no strict limit on the size or form of content because users will be required to self-created.

No need to send the substance of the, only need to store and display content can be

Do not need to “opt-in” (opt-in) process

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It requires considerable investment in the market, to enable users to find the information/content.

Limited tracking ability can only get the number of downloads, the number of page views and other information

Unable customization – For all audiences, receiving, and displaying content is the same

“Push” digital marketing

In the “push” type of digital marketing technology activities, both marketers, as well as the recipient (user). E-mail, text messaging, RSS feeds, etc. are “push” type of digital marketing examples. In these cases, to be able to receive the user information to marketers must send (push) information to the user (subscriber).

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Customizable – according to criteria chosen, the user receives the information can be highly targeted and accuracy – for example: to provide a greater than 21-year-old women live in California or special offers.

Detailed tracking and reporting – marketers can learn not only how many people have seen the information but also to learn the details of each user, such as their names, demographic data, and psychological statistics.

It may bring high input-output ratio – if implemented correctly, can push information to help bring new revenue and strengthen the brand.


Compatibility Issues – Various drive information technology has its rules: from the less restrictive? (RSS), to strictly control the e-mail and text messages.

We need to send the contents of the system – marketers need to use the application to send the message: From e-mail marketing system, the RSS reader.

Posted information may be blocked – if marketers do not comply with the rules of the various types of push information, content may be before reaching the intended recipient is rejected or blocked off.

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Digital Marketing And Multi-Channel Information

Digital marketing is not very efficient in the use of a single information model, but it also applies to a group of marketing personnel in the case of multi-channel, when the information activities are more productive.

For example, if a company try to promote a new product campaign, they send an e-mail message or a text message (text campaign) for the particular audience. If implemented correctly, this can indeed bring good results; however, if the application of various types of information, the result of the same event may also get exponentially improved.

An e-mail may be sent to a group of potential customers about special promotions and includes their phone number; a few days later, a follow-up activity may be a text message (SMS) to send this particular offer information again.

“Push” and “pull” information technology can also be used in combination. For example, an email campaign can include a banner ad or a link to a content download. It allows marketers to its essence in both techniques, to serve their marketing information services.


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